Gold, Silver, Bronze and caves Long Range Locator
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Mega Scan Pro was developed with accessories and features and advanced technology, to meet the needs of prospectors for gold and gold ores and precious metals and spaces all over the world.

Mega Scan Pro has the ability and high sensitivity in the detection of buried gold treasures and tunnels in search fields, in addition to the special technology and features that reduce the impact of soil and rocks with high efficiency, which helps to find all the gold that you will not be able to find them by any other device in the depths unmatched.

Scanning capabilities of MEGA SCAN PRO

The modern and distinctive system in the device was classified in first places globally by German and international organizations working in field of gold mining and metal detection.
That because the device works using three integrated search systems in one device with 100% detection accuracy , and not as in traditional metal detection devices .
Mega Scan Pro has been manufactured of high-quality plastic materials, and the electronic boards are not affected by heat or cold air.

Features and Technology

The German Mega Locators Group has manufactured this high-tech and professional system to be the fifth generation of high-end and high-precision innovations over the past 30 years in the world of manufacturing of geological exploration and mining devices, with a technique worthy of being called the Golden Age of gold & metal detection devices.
The device was providede by a user manual for easy quick start and ease the operating of the device .
By selecting the search area for exploration and detection of targets, and the device identifies the gold or any object in less than 20 seconds from the start of work distances ranging from 250 meters and up to 2000 meters for the front range, with a automatic ground balance feature which provides the ability of targets detection in all terrain like rocky lands, plains, mountainous lands and agricultural clay lands.
The most important features of Mega Scan Pro is the ease of use, whith ergonomic and comfortable design of the box and the handle, with a control panel with a LCD high-resolution colored screen, as well as easy to use software program for both individuals who are using the system for the first time or for engineers and specialists professionals or geologists and drilling and exploration companies.

Available languages

  • German
  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Persian
  • Turkish
  • Arabic


Technical Properties

Display : TFT 4,3 inch
Display illumination : LED
Microprocessor : ARM
Operating frequency : 168 MHz
Control buttons : Touch operated
Scanner antennas : Chrome plated, 1 pair
Operating voltage : 3,7V - 4,5V
Rechargeable battery : 3,7V, 3600 mAh Li Ion
Nominal current : 400 mA
Charging adapter : 5 Volts, 2000 mA, Charge indicator with LED (When charging is done LED fully dims)
Auto charging adapter : Input:12V, Output: 5V, 1000mA USB
Hardcase : Waterproof ABS, spongecoated
Weight : 6,3 Kg (Case included)

Search Systems :

1- Long Range Locator System:

Mega Scan Pro advanced comprehensive scanning system with a long range locator system through high-precision electronic sensors and sophisticated sensors which manufactured for the first time, in addition to that supplying the electronic unit in the device with 8 filters made of pure gold to determine the gold metal from farther distances and confirmed 100% without any error resulting from metal rock or land with high mineralization such as basalt land with severe mineralization.
These filters are working to identify the signal accuracy and confirmation of its existence from distances starting from 250 meters and up to 2000 meters in thr front range the extent to depths of 40 meters in the ground. with the accurate determination of the size of the target and signal strength via a built-in analytical program in Mega Scan Pro system

By using Long Range Locator system the user can choose from following target types (by selecting specific target program in Search menu):

  • Program Detect Gold Treasures
  • Program Detect Gold nugget
  • Program Detect Silver
  • Program Detect Copper
  • Program Detect Caves & Spaces
  • Program Detect Platinum
  • Program Detect Iron
  • Program Detect Diamond
  • Program Detect Gemstones
  • Program Detect Bronze

After selection and loading of specific search program the screen will display a graph with search distance range at left and depth range on right
For the search distance range the user can choose one of these values:
250 – 500 – 750 – 1000 – 1500 – 2000 meters
And he can select the scan depth range from following values:
5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 30 – 40 meter

2- Magnetometer System :

Beside the proffessional long range system it must be avaialble a precise detection system to locate the target center with high accuracy and scratch to dig and reach the goal without any effort as found in other traditional devices, and to reach the target with accuracy and speed at no longer than 20 seconds work on the device.
The electrmonic sensor system was added , that works using advanced radaric magnetomter technology, provided by a technology to penetrate the most difficult land terrain and reach the targets quickly and accurately.
The most important feature of magnetometer is to explore and define the targets of all sizes and from the depths that the starts at 1 meter to depths greater than 40 meters in the ground because of electrical power that exist in common embedded sensors in the system that gives penetrating power does not exist in any similar traditional system.

3- Ionic Scan System:

Ion-scanning system is used to detect ionic fields that result from the buried metal for long periods underground each metal has its own ionic fields, and increase this effect increased duration of the presence of this metal in the ground, and the acquisition of metal For more electrons from the surrounding environment. These effects vary depending on the metal floor and depending on the factors in this region. This system is based on the scientific basis of the characteristics of the metal and chemical composition and rank of the metal in the periodic table of metals. Can ionic scanning system used to capture signals of these fields from long distances, and will alert the user, including in the case of approaching them. This effectively gives the system in a Mega Scan Pro more success for prospector and treasure and metals hunters .