DEEP HUNTER PRO Gold and Metal Detector Imaging System - Depth 8 meter Made In Turkey
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The main motive that urge us to move forward and provide them with the newest, and the most powerful technology all over the world. The technology of detecting treasures, gold, metals, relics and all earth riches.
is a unique of its kind in detecting gold, treasures and all earth riches. The device works on four precise detecting systems enable us to analyze and know the type, the depth and the size of the metal. It is characterized by its strong signal and high sensor of accurate, small and most profound metal objects. For the first time, the proper insulation feature is available for precious and non precious metals so the detector can ignore all signals resulting from non precious metals such as iron, remained empty & rusty cans, and drink lids, as well as the signals resulting from the ground of mineral soil, and volcanic basalt rock, which directly affected the work and the performance of the detector of gold, treasures and ot her riches.

Parts and components

This fast mode is capable of detecting individual coins, gold ore, and small targets at extreme deep with different audio identification. This mode has two different coils: C32 standard coil (26x 32 cm) C47 optional larger coil (39x47cm) The standard coil C32 allows you to detect the individual coins and the other small targets at exceptional depth. Moreover, with the optional C47 coil, you will easily reach larger objects at greater depth and identify gold, precious and non precious metal with different audio sounds.

  • Coil C47 (39x47)
  • Coil C32 (26x32)
  • Coil T100 (60x100)
  • Coil T44 (36x44)
  • Carryy vest
  • Carry bag for system box
  • Battery charger 220 V
  • Big bag for the whole device
  • Battery 220 V
  • Vehicle charger 220 V
  • Headphones
  • Guarantee for 3 years
  • Operating Manual (English and German Version are available)
  • CD with instructional &operation methods

Device Specifications

phases; the first phase will be theoretical explanation at one of our showrooms, in where we will discuss the features o f the device and identify its basis, parts and components in order to illustrate the power of the device which were not found in other previous devices. This training program is supervised by the best engineers specialized in penetrating and detecting systems, so that all customers will be able to test directly the device in the second phase of training, and focus on the right training to use the device and identify all its properties and characteristics in an open area. Device characteristics The device works on multiple search systems enable the user to identify accurately the target. Visual mode: LCD visual mode: this mode works with audio indicators and analytic precise images by using specialized three dimension program. Audio mode: LED audio mode: this mode works with audio and photolithography indicators with rapid detection feature. 3D - Visual Mode Features This mode enables us to analyze precisely the target together with its type and name e.g. gold - a precious metal - alloy - caves and voids. This mode is designed for amateurs and professionals for its ease use and its simple intuitive interfaces which specify the metal type and depth of the target. As well as, a clear visual representation of the target signal with advanced 3D image analysis. This mode uses two kinds of coils: The standard coil T44 measures (44 X 36) The T100 coil measures (60 X 100) for those requiring more depth. Accurate metal identification with 3D image
You can identify both the target and its 3D graph with an analytical report. Deephunter perfectly indicates not only metal type but as well mentions the name of the target on the screen whether it is GOLD, PRECIOUS METAL, NON PRECIOUS METAL, or STEEL.
Depth Detection
This great analytical device shows precisely the depth of the target in meter and centimeters.
This great analytical device shows precisely the depth of the target in meter and centimeters.
The device indicates both the caves, cavities, tunnels, shelters, tombs, as well as the metals within these underground structures. All with a 3D high quality graphic image and audio identification. This comfort feature allows us to reject non precious metals such as steel, drink lids, and empty cans, and detect only the precious ones.